Building a Facebook ad with a Remine audience

Last week we created a Remine audience. This week we created an ad to target that audience for listings. Next we plan to create an image ad targeting listings from prospects from Remine.

Remine – Episode #30

A Faster, Easier Way to Do More Business

Offered as a core product in more than 40 MLSs, Remine’s Property Intelligence Platform® creates an opportunity beyond just a transaction.

Hard Money Loans – Episode #29

If you’ve ever wanted to be an real estate investor or are currently a real estate investor in need of purchase or construction financing for residential or commercial property, then tune in to today’s broadcast with, Hard Money Allen!

Hard Money Loans – Based on Collateral

  • No income or credit required
  • Must provide photo ID to Title Company
  • 30% down payment…lower down payments available on case by case.
  • Call for rates
  • 20 year amortization
  • Must renew every 12 months
  • Lender and title fees provided upon request
  • Must close with approved title company
  • Borrower to pay appraisal fee at loan application; $450 – May be higher depending on the size and nature of the property
  • No prepayment penalty
Hard Money Allen
Hard Money Loans for purchase or new construction for residential or commercial – contact Allen Harry at 936-777-3917

Would you like to do more business with builder in 2019?

Then consider joining BROAC – Builder/Realtor Outreach Advisory Council by contacting me at: or EL. Craine at:

In today’s episode of MortgageMack Live, Special Guest, EL Craine shares his mission and plan for BROAC in 2019.

Winter and Your Home – Episode #26 of MortgageMack Live

Everyone’s favorite Real Estate Inspector, Darrel Creacy hung out today to talk about the simple things to do to your home during Winter and in case of a hard freeze.

  1. Have your furnace serviced
  2. Consider spray foam for your attic
  3. Protect your outdoor plumbing

If you’re looking for a qualified real estate inspector with the utmost integrity, I recommend…..AmVet Inspections

Necessity into Success! Tired of living with back and knee pain?


My name is JT Anderson. I lived for years with chronic back pain; some days good, some days bad. It was to the point of really not knowing what I could do for the relief. Throughout my life I witnessed my Dad being addicted to pain medication. As I got older, actually in my later teens, I asked my Dad how many he would take a day….about 6 to 9 was his reply. I asked if he was in pain and he told me not really, I just don’t want to be in pain.

My dad died early in his life due to the pain medications slowly destroying his organs; affecting his heart, liver and kidneys. I never thought I would experience pain to such a degree where I would need medications as powerful as the medications my Dad used until about 5 years ago.


My pain had become so severe I was ready to do anything for relief. It had become impossible to carry on my daily activities including my work. My doctor had prescribed pain medications, which I thought I would never take, but they gave no relief; only left me feeling “out of it” and unable to function.

Early one morning, about 1:30am, the pain was so severe I thought I was having a heart attack and my wife had to take me to the local emergency room. I was suffering from cold sweats, vomiting and no feeling in my right arm. These symptoms were caused from the pain medications, not a heart attack. I was treated and released; no pain medications for me!

Long story short, after consultations with my doctor, an MRI was scheduled and the results were 2 fractured discs and 2 bulging discs and I was referred to a neurosurgeon. According to this doctor, he offered epidural injections as an alternative to surgery and I agreed to try this option. The injections were in a series of 3. The first injection went fine; the second injection caused paralysis from my waist down for approximately four hours and they wheeled me out the back door! I told my wife I was not going back for the third but she insisted so I did. The relief I received was brief, only about 6 months and the pain returned.

After this, I was left with the option of more injections or surgery. I simply was not going to give in to back surgery. You see, two of my sisters have had multiple back surgeries. They all failed. One sister has gone so far as to have a device implanted in her back that sends a signal to her brain telling her she is not in pain. What?! What is actually going on in her back?


Being a back pain sufferer every doctor’s treatment varies, from your Primary Care Physician to a Pain Management Physician, the treatment will be different. From a patient’s point of view, I have never had a physician diagnose my situation accurately. Their recommendation is almost always take pain medication, don’t lift anything heavy, and rest. Problem; masking the symptoms does not help solve the problem.



 ERGO-FLEX Technologies LLC, 855-823-8722;;;

Facebook Ads for Realtors

Are you a Realtor looking for a Partner to help you build your business in 2019 using Facebook and Instagram ads?  Then contact #mortgagemack at mack@onetrusthomeloans to make an appointment before the end of 2018 to create a Marketing Plan for 2019!

MOBILE (832) 243-8549 TEL (346) 223-0336 FAX (346) 331-4272



Wire Fraud 101 Capital Title & MortgageMack

Today’s Lunch and Learn addressed wire fraud and specifically the importance of Realtors developing a secure email correspondence with their clients. Speaker and VP/Escrow Officer, Brent Mahlmann shared personal experience along with best practices from the NAR.

Today's Lunch and Learn addressed wire fraud and specifically the importance of Realtors developing a secure email correspondence with their clients. Speaker and VP/Escrow Officer, Brent Mahlmann shared personal experience along with best practices from the NAR.

Thank you Capital Title – Sugar Land along with Joel Roman and Brent Mahlmann along with all of our guests….#mortgagemack #capitaltitle #wirefraud

Today's Lunch and Learn addressed wire fraud and specifically the importance of Realtors developing a secure email correspondence with their clients. Speaker and VP/Escrow Officer, Brent Mahlmann shared personal experience along with best practices from the NAR.
Joel Roman, Business Development Manager

Today's Lunch and Learn addressed wire fraud and specifically the importance of Realtors developing a secure email correspondence with their clients. Speaker and VP/Escrow Officer, Brent Mahlmann shared personal experience along with best practices from the NAR.
Brent Mahlmann, VP Escrow

Karen Shumate, Realtor and Guest Host of the REU Show – Episode #23

Karen Shumate is a Texas Realtor with RE/MAX Universal and The Matthew Guzman Team. Karen is experienced in serving the residential and commercial real estate market. Karen brings a unique background to real estate having spent over 20 years on the accounting and finance side of the Oil and Gas industry coupled with the design, building and sales of multi-million-dollar homes.

Karen Shumate, Realtor and Guest Host of the Real Estate U Show

Serving as a leader in her community, Karen is also an ancillary member of the Builder Realtor Outreach Advisory Council which helps bridge the gap between builders and realtors. Wanting to provide a best in class experience for her clients, Karen takes time to get to know her clients and ensures their needs are met. When working with clients who are buying or selling their homes, Karen brings an added value through her negotiation skills, professionalism and work ethic. She is able to provide a one-stop shop to help clients navigate the process without feeling overwhelmed.

Specializing in selling residential homes, Karen is an astute marketer who understands the unique needs of the selling market segment. Her approach to selling a home includes a complete analysis of the current market, the home’s unique/custom features, community amenities and curb appeal to ensure the highest price possible for her clients.

Residential buyers can expect the same first class experience. Her service-oriented approach allows her to put the client first and work in their best interest. From the first meeting, Karen works diligently to understand the needs of her clients and provides them with a home-buying service which will exceed expectations. No matter the budget, Karen ensures her clients are able to get the dream home they are looking for at the best price.

Karen and her family are lifelong residents of the Houston area. Karen is passionate about working with people and animals! In her spare time, Karen has thoroughly enjoyed volunteering for the Montgomery County Animal Shelter on adoption days. With everything she does, she brings her heart and experience into the fold.

Karen welcomes the opportunity to provide you with the highest levels of professionalism and client services in Real Estate that you deserve.

Contact Karen at:

Office: (281) 869-6100

Mobile: (713) 504-7237



Joe Mastriano Killer IRS – Episode #22

Over 38 yrs and thousands of tax cases successfully solved. For a reasonable fee, we clean up the mess caused by tax preparers, debt relief companies, attorneys, accountants, bookkeepers, financial analysts, consultants, and the IRS.
Over 90% of people trying to help you with an IRS problem (including the IRS), don’t have the knowledge & exp. required to deal successfully with the IRS.
✔️Invited on many T.V. and Radio shows. Over 70 Fox radio talks-
Tax Problems

Call for interviews.  I’m passionate about helping people not be victims of the IRS. I’ve developed unique solutions most reps are unaware of. I won’t just let an IRS employee or guide book dictate what happens to you. That’s the difference professional experience makes. 👼

I will help you use your financial information to help manage your business. I am a CPA, Certified Financial Planner and NLP practitioner. I’ve helped many people become very successful with their business and personal tax situation when other practitioners have failed.

Do you want to be successful in your business, and all of your dealings with the IRS? It takes many years to learn how to use the system to your advantage. Don’t be a victim of the IRS or inexperienced so called “representatives” who took a course from an IRS rep. society, or handed an enrolled agents license when they left the IRS. Back taxes, appeals, offers, financial statements, payment plans, innocent spouse, penalties, etc.

Daily IRS help videos @ Please connect & follow.

Who I’ve helped:
People from all walks of life who care about not being a victim of their limiting beliefs about their accounting, taxes, and the IRS. From partners in large law firms, CPA’s, and professional licensees, to small business people operating from their home. My fees are reasonable -Don’t be afraid to ask.
Contact Info:
Phone: 713-774-4467
Web :