Client Reviews

Diana Merced – Texas Signature Realty – Septermber 2023

Mack is one of the smartest man in the business. 

Always there to help. 

A true master in his field..

I trust him with my clients 100%

Rolando Alvear – Compass Realty LLC, HTX Group – September 2023

I’ve worked with Mack on numerous transactions and he’s as good as they come. He is the first Lender that pops into my head when anyone asks for a referral. He’s thorough, communicative, informed, and fully invested in doing what’s best for his clients. Can’t ask for more than that!

Rolando Alvear, Realtor, Compass Realty, HTX Group

Edmond Ricks – May 2023


Edmond Ricks closing – May 2023 after 8 years of home search

Efi Tsouko – May 2023

Fotis family at closing with baby Nefeli
Fotis family closing-May 2023
Fotis family closing photo with mortgagemack
Fotis family closing photo with MortgageMack

Not only we got the best rate possible but also we learnt so much more interacting with Mack regarding the loan process. Mack was very helpful and fast with every step. Couldn’t have had ask for a better support for finding and locking a great rate for my new home. These people are a great team and they card! Would highly recommend them for anyone who wants professionalism combined with knowledge and care for your needs.
Thanks Mack

Ike Anyikam – January 2023

Ike Anyikam, Realtor
Ike’s Closing

Mack is flat-out an awesome guy. I booked a 30min call in an effort to get some advice about an upcoming real estate transaction that I would embark upon, and not only did we go well over the allotted time, due to the ease of the conversation, but he also gave TONS of info that I would have never known to ask. His years of experience and advice allowed me to “know what I didn’t know” and ask more questions about my upcoming investment to my investors. This alone prevented what would have been a huge financial loss for me just because I didn’t ask the right questions about my investment. Thank you, Mack, for spending the time to talk with me!

George Donoso – March 2023

We were so fortunate to have found Mack Blankenship and his remarkable team at Guaranteed Rate and Team Heenan at BPRS. We rarely have straightforward lending needs and often need to look extensively for different lenders to fulfill different needs. We came across Mack a few years ago on Google when we undertook to research a complex lending situation for ourselves because we couldn’t find a mortgage professional capable of navigating the challenge. Mack immediately struck us as someone to consider not only for that particular loan but for all loans going forward.

Mack is passionate about the mortgage lending business and a hard situation is not something he backs away from but rather, tackles with great enthusiasm. Mack helped us tremendously and has consistently come through (hitting things from every angle right up to close) time and time again! Another key element that makes Mack unreplaceable is the team of experts he surrounds himself with to efficiently get things done. Everyone on Mack’s team is professional, enjoyable to work with, timely in correspondence, and like Mack, excels in thinking outside of the box!!! In our most recent loan, Mack along with Kathleen Heenan and her team at BRPS, helped us navigate successfully through a bizarre situation with a county recording agency. Once again, a loan that no one else could navigate, funded today – thanks to these teams!!! We can’t tell you how much we appreciate the refreshing, hard-working, intelligent approach that Mack brings to lending and highly recommend “Mortgage Mack” whether for a simple straightforward loan or one that may look, impossible! Hope everyone reading this is able to reach your mortgage dreams! Thanks, Mack – George

John Keck – December 2022

In a time of quickly rising interest rates Mack was very patient with us and helped us through every step. Over the multiple month process of building a home he reached out several times to ensure that the mortgage process was in line with the building completion date. I believe via my research and comparisons he was able to get the best rate possible. I highly recommend him and would use his services again.

Jeff Dodson – December 2022

Mack is our exclusive lender at Realty Lifestyles. The most recent transaction closes today and was clear to close in 12 days. His 15 year rate was better than the credit union my buyer clients were going to use. Mack is thorough and always follows up. I highly recommend Mack!

Joel Patrick – October 2022

Mack’s always finds a way. He never ceases to work toward getting you your ideal home. I can’t recommend him enough and will, without doubt, recommend him to my friends and use him again.

Joel Patrick and Josh Ramsey
Joel Patrick and Josh Ramsey

Tish McCracken – September 2022

Mac J Blankenship is in my opinion, the best of the best, mortgage professionals in the industry today. He has always been able to get buyers I have sent to him qualified and approved for the loan to purchase their new homes! He is the best!

Corinne Burkhart – August 2022

Thank you, Mack! You are excellent- always have been! Wish I could use you in buying *manufactured home* in a manufactured home *community.* I’m not there yet, not 100% decided, understand it’s traditionally/commonly known as poor investment and understand the reasons. You’re the best, and that’s why I wish I could obtain your services in this regard but know your company doesn’t do this. I thank you regardless, for your consistently excellent updates 🙂. 

Victor Hernandez – August 2022

5 stars isn’t enough for me to rate Mack. For 14 years I tried to get a home loan with dozens of lenders, but I could never qualify because of me being self employed or other reasons. Then I met Mack. I would describe Mack like a pitbull on attack mode. He didn’t give up on me getting a loan. We had to pivot several times because of obstacles that came up, but he never gave up (even when I wanted to several times). And now here I am, writing this review from my first home purchased with a loan. A beautiful 750k condo on South Padre Island. My family and I are forever grateful for what Mack did for us. For us, it was so much more than just getting us a home loan, it has been a restoration of hope, vision and dreams for the future.

Sapphire Condominiums, S. Padre Isle 2022
The Sapphire Condos, S. Padre Isle, TX

Annabelle Gebauer – July 2022

Mack has been amazing during me and my Husband’s first time home buying experience. Mack is professional, highly communicative, knowledgeable and went above and beyond for us! I can’t recommend him enough!!

Gebauer Family first home

Don’t take our word for it…

Heather Sentell – July 2022

Working with a client who needs extra help? #MortgageMack is the man for you! Mack superbly exceeded my expectations whilst helping my buyer who had such a tough time in this brutal market. I look forward to doing more business with him!

Robert Daniels – May 2022

For the last 20 years, every time I have had a mortgage issue, question or need, Mack Blankenship has been my “go-to” guy.

Irrespective of his place of employment or job description, Mack worked to get to the heart of the issue quickly in order to find an expedient and satisfactory solution.

It doesn’t matter to Mack if he will benefit from the correct solution, he just wants to solve the problem to my satisfaction in a timely manner.

Thanks Mack, for always being available, market aware, and quick to act.

B. Daniels

Maddy Maxwell – May 2022

Mack and his team are extremely helpful and quick to answer any and all questions! Referring his to any and everyone!

James Pocza – May 2022

Thanks to Mack and his team we were able to purchase our dream home! As a newly self-employed person Mack’s extensive experience allowed us to successfully obtain a mortgage that other brokers were not. He is extremely through and this diligence pays off by making the process smooth and fast. This is my second time working with Mack and I would recommend his services to anyone looking to buy a new home!

Annabelle Gebauer – May 2022

Mack has been amazing during me and my Husband’s first time home buying experience. Mack is professional, highly communicative, knowledgeable and went above and beyond for us! I can’t recommend him enough!!

Heather Sentell – May 2022

Working with a client who needs extra help? #MortgageMack is the man for you! Mack superbly exceeded my expectations whilst helping my buyer who had such a tough time in this brutal market. I look forward to doing more business with him!

Rebecca CondeMarch 2022

Mack was very knowledgeable and had great suggestions when I was trying to make decisions during the process. He was also quick to responded to texts and phone calls. Last but, not least he helped me to get the best possible interest rate locked in and he was able to have my closing moved to more convenient location overnight 😉

Frank Mitchell – January 2022

I had a difficult loan situation being self employed and buying an investment property and Mack and his team went above and beyond to get the deal closed.

Melissa Garcia – August 2021

Mack took care of my client until the very end. He is highly knowledgeable and very professional. I will definitely be recommend his services in the future!

Serita – August 2021

No doubt. Mack will get her done! Getting a mortgage is never fun but Mack guides you through it.

Jeremy Pearce – June 2021

MortgageMack is the best in the business. He is extremely professional, caring, and dependable. We had a complicated situation with our mortgage and he was on top of every detail to make sure that we were setup to close on time at the best rate. Mack truly has the heart of a teacher. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking for a mortgage!

Eric Dunn – July 24, 2021

Mack is very knowledgeable and was straight forward from the beginning. He was also available to answer any questions & concerns we had. We were even able to close the contract within 3 weeks instead of the typical 30 days. I would recommend him to anyone who wants a quick & painless transaction. Thanks Mack!

Nick LaRocca – May 26, 2021

Mack has gone above and beyond helping me and my wife purchase our second home. There were a few obstacles for us to overcome due to me being self employed but Mack helped to get us over those hurdles with ease. My experience with bankers and loan officers is limited but Mack is hands down the most patient, hardworking, and down to earth one I have known. If you need a home loan, Mack will get it done. If you have a question about a home loan, Mack will answer it. Ready to buy a house or even just thinking about it? Call Mack!

Byron Manuel – April 2021

MortgageMack does it again!!! I have worked with Mack on multiple deals and he never fails to impress! Persistent and thorough in getting deals done and making sure his clients are able to go to closings with no unwanted surprises! Thank you again MortgageMack!!!

Allan Olsen – March 2021

My refi experience with Mack was excellent!! Not only did I get a great rate (even better than originally estimated) but he was always very responsive through out the whole process. I highly recommend him!!

Lori Faye McDowell – March 2021

Mortgage Mack is not handling my loan, but was willing to explain the process to me as a first time home buyer and ran through all the numbers that my loan company has figured to ensure I am in the right hands. Thank you Mortgage Mack!

Andrew – Oct 5, 2017

“I had mentioned that we had done some shopping around for research, and I wanted to share what we had found for your reference and in good faith of our working relationship. We made an application with Quicken and Wells Fargo. Quicken showed to have rates, credits and…and knowledge didn’t hold a candle to yours. It was also apparent that the likelihood of hidden fees and low confidence in closing was a reality. Wells Fargo had lower rates and lower and $990 fixed financing fee. I think the drawback with them is that they are such a large institution that they wouldn’t be able to speed up or manipulate the process, say to make a fast closing.

I think in the end, your rates were slightly higher, but you would have been the guy to get us through in 21 days. I also know that rates aren’t so clear cut and there are many ways to shift the deal to make it appealing. Our intent was to discuss everything on the table with you before making a decision. I hope these notes are helpful. If you want to catch up on the phone to debrief or look at these numbers closer, I am happy to do so. Arwyn and I are grateful for your help. Although we’re a little bummed at the moment.”

Best Mortgage Company in Houston
Don’t take our word for it! #mortgagemack

Lesa Taylor – Aug 16, 2017

“Good morning!! I just wanted to say thank you for the beautiful wine glasses you sent!! I totally love them! And cannot wait to use them in our new home!!! We are moving next Friday and neither of us can wait!! Thank you so much for your help in all of it!! JoAnn was right about you! You made it happen (almost) painlessly !!!! (LOL) Thank you again from both of us!! Lots of exclamation points in this email…. we are excited alrighty!! Have a super day!!”

Meghann Pfeffer – Jun 13, 2017

“Thanks again, Mack! I truly feel like we are in great hands but going with you and One Trust :)”

Beatriz Monroy – May 11, 2017

I am really grateful to you because you helped us with the mortgage to buy our house.

Larry Campanello – May 2009

“I want to thank you for the excellent job you did on this mortgage! You not only completed it on time, but you were ready for the closing a week before the closing! I have been referring clients to you since 2009 and you have never let any of my clients or me down!”

Steven Hobbs – April 2015

“Mack, and his team, are miracle workers. They helped us buy our first home when we thought it was not possible. 5 out of 5 stars! Thank you, Mack!”

D. Parker – June 2016

“Mack is a rock star and gets the loans closed! He is no nonsense, just business…”

J. Fisher – September 2015

“Katie and I became first time home buyers today! We just left the house and couldn’t be happier with the property. Thank you so much for all of your work, support, and counsel along the way. We really couldn’t have done it without you.”

Zach Chilton – January 2016 – The Mercer Team

If you are a Realtor and you do not use ListReports you are behind the eight ball! Our Lender Mack not only set up the report for us; he also called and walked me through the process of how ListReport works. Mack showed me the importance of the infographics and the website that is developed for your property.

ListReports has saved us time and money and provides that extra piece of information and edge that is required in the real estate game today. This has been a fabulous bonus for the Mercer Team that is very user friendly and our clients are amazed with the information that it provides. Mack knocked it out of the park with this one!

Mike Dority – Seaptember 2012

Just received the clear to close on my townhome. Mack Blankenship and his team at Sente Mortgage are hardworking and will do what it takes to get the job done. If anyone is looking at purchasing a home, call me for Mack’s number.