E L Craine – “Building Business is My Business!” Episode 13

E L Craine – “Building Business is My Business!” Episode 13

E L Craine - "Building Business is My Business!" Episode 13
Sr. Vice President of Business Development – Paradigm Title Group

Sr. Vice President of Business Development at Paradigm Title Group and ex-Professional Baseball Player, E.l. Craine and I spent the morning sharing ideas on how to help the Realtor and Builder community join together in a ‘”Collaborative Selling” to help each other help more folks enjoy home ownership.

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Episode #11 Darrel’s DRONE CRASH, Technology and Fall….

My friend and everyone’s favorite Real Estate Inspector, Darrel Creacy talks tech, drone crashes and preps you need to make to your home for Fall…
Founder of AmVet Inspections, Darrel Creacy

Making a Difference and Earning Amazing Income

This weeks Guest was Rush Waghorne, Social Entrepreneur with Powur PBC and our topic was solar energy for your home.  

As the future rushes forward it becomes increasingly clear that as responsible residence of our beloved planet that we must begin to think about alternative ways of generating energy to support our lifestyles and to help others develop standards of living across the Globe.

Rush and Powur are passionate about creating an alternative to the traditional fossil fuel methods of generating power for our homes.  I would encourage you to check out our interview and get to know Rush and his company.  I’ve included links below for additional research into this fantastic endeavor and if you or someone you know are interested in beginning a career in a relatively new industry, I invite you to contact me or Rush directly.

Why the World is Going Solar

For more information contact:  Rushwaghorne@gmail.com

214-250-1943 Cell



Marketing Your Real Estate Business with Facebook

Randall Smith, CE Instructor #4887 – CE Course #34991

Real Estate Broker, Randall Smith talks about his success using Facebook Ads in his personal Real Estate business and has taken his experience and knowledge and created a CE course for local agents.

Felons Who Flip Houses – Episode #8 MortgageMack Live

Felons Who Flip Houses – Episode #8 MortgageMack Live

Bernard and Bryan Theriot are on a mission to inspire and help others learn to flip houses

Their story reads like a Hollywood movie: growing up poor, but motivated to rise above it all, Bernard worked hard to put himself through University and succeed in business, while his Felons Who Flip HOusesbrother Bryan, also known as the rapper Tow Down, parlayed his musical and songwriting talents into a record deal with a major label. It was the late 1990’s. The music business was still in its halcyon days, and Tow Down was riding high, with a hit song and mounting support from his label. Bernard quit his job in finance and dedicated himself to managing his brother’s career full time. They collected large advances, and built a state of the art studio in their hometown of Houston, Texas, in which they recorded and produced music for local Houston area artists as well as for Tow Down. Life was pretty good.


Felons Who Flip Houses
Rapper, brother accused of growing pot at home 850 plants, worth about $4 million, found in Missouri City

When the music industry crashed in the mid-aughts, they continued to press on independently, but slowly went broke as recording software became consumer-driven and the golden age of the recording studio came to a screeching halt. Without the funds to Felons who Flip Housesreinvest in updated gear, and not having the courage to admit defeat or re-imagine their business plan, they turned to the marijuana trade to sustain the illusion, and did it on a grand scale. Holding on to the last shred of their pride, they tried hard to maintain an image of success and prosperity, but what was fueling their dream was a federal crime that eventually caught up with them.

God and the creative muses have re-channeled their energies to help others learn to flip houses and overcome adversity

Both Bernard and Bryan were facing a potential forty-year sentence, but were lucky enough to get a second shot at life. With deep gratitude and a genuine passion for family, God and the creative muses, they have re-channeled their energies, building a legacy of strength and support so that others might learn from their missteps.

Tow Down – Country Rap Tune

Tow Down – I Use To Know


Vote for Jo Ann Stevens – Houston Association of Realtors – Episode #7

Vote for Jo Ann Stevens – Houston Association of Realtors – Episode #7


Mack:                          Good morning and welcome to Mortgage Mack Live with your Monday morning commute and I’m here with my friend, Jo Ann Stevens joining us.

Jo Ann:                         Good morning. Thank you.

Mack:                          Thank you.

Jo Ann is currently the national president of Women’s Council of Realtors and she is a candidate for?

Jo Ann:                         The HAR Board of Directors.

Mack:                          Okay.

Jo Ann:                         In the southwest category.

Mack:                          Great. I’d like to say thank you to my sponsors today. MacKnight, forgive me. MacKnight Safety Solutions’ owner Travis McVay whose company specializes in providing training and safety and for staffing in all sorts of industries. Also, AMVET Inspections, everybody’s favorite inspector and my friend Darrel Creacy along with my friend Randall Chesnutt at Spoken About.

4 Decades of Leadership in the Real Estate Industry

Jo Ann:                         I guess my career you might say…

Mack:                          Yes.

Jo Ann:                         In real estate has spanned forty years this year.  And during that time I’ve been an agent – listing and selling. I have worked in the title industry for a number of years as well. I’ve been everything from Fortune 500 company in the corporate world to a sole proprietorship.

Mack:                          Yeah.

Jo Ann:                         So, I’ve kind of done a little bit of all of it.

Mack:                          Okay.

Jo Ann:                         And today, I work for a very small company, [Boutique] in Sugar Land, Texas, but it enables me to stay active and Women’s Council and HAR. I’m also active at TAR.

Mack:                          Okay.

Jo Ann:                         So, being on different committees and actually this year I’m also on the board of directors for NAR.

Mack:                          Okay. So, you’ll be transitioning from national president of Women’s Council of Realtors and with an endeavor to be on the board of directors specific to Houston Association of Realtors. Tell us a little bit about that position, please?

Jo Ann:                         Okay. Yes. This – in November ends my year as the national president although I still will be around and serving on the leadership and the executive committee for a year or so.

Mack:                          Okay.

Jo Ann:                         But, I think that one gathers this knowledge and I have to tell you that as I travel around the country and people hear that I’m from Houston, immediately they have a lot of questions about, oh, you all are so big and you have such great technology and how do you raise so much money for RPAC and I mean just questions.

Mack:                          Yeah.

Jo Ann:                         And so, what I have found and even though I knew we had a great association, I had no idea that we were as revered in the industry as we are. And quite frankly, I think we are the standard to which most associations strive to be and to obtain. And it’s really important to me that we maintain that reputation and that we continue to be smart in our decision-making and that we stay relevant in today’s ever changing industry.

Mack:                          You know there’s lots of potential disruptors out there specific to…

Jo Ann:                         Yes.

Mack:                          The real estate industry the mortgage industry. What would you say your vision for this position would be if you were elected?

Jo Ann:                         I think it is incumbent upon us to look at these different platforms that are entering the real estate industry. And I think we have to analyze them to determine if they are truly disruptors or if there are ways we can implement their strategies and have it work in harmony with our business today.

And so, I think we have to stay informed on all of these different platforms and what they will do, what they won’t do, are they our competitor, are they friendly. So, and that in itself is a daunting task because as you know there are so many that are looking for ways to get into the industry some of which are just to make a quick buck and get out. They don’t really have the concern of the consumer at heart.

Mack:                          Okay.

Jo Ann:                         I think we as realtors provide a valuable service and something that no other platform is doing at this point in time. So, I just think we have to look and see which of these platforms can become a tool for us and which ones maybe are not.

Mack:                          You know I know that – that Zillow I think intends to work directly with the real estate community. There’s two other platforms, there is Opendoor and Offerpad and you were at Inman news conference recently.


Jo Ann:                         Yes

Mack:                          Were those companies topics and if so, could you may be elaborate on what kind of companies they are and how they could potentially be disruptor for the industry and in which I think relates to your candidacy and the vision to maybe partner with these companies as opposed to just letting them be a disruptor?

Jo Ann:                         Yes. I did just come back from the Inman conference on Friday. And that was exactly the topic of several of the sessions dealt with how do we work in harmony or how do we collaborate with companies like Opendoor for instance and is there a way that we can work together rather than being competitors.

And so, certainly I think that’s what we need to investigate and to try to see if we can be harmonious in the market place.

Mack:                          So, specific to the position, who – who would – who would you be representing?

Jo Ann:                         Actually, when you’re on the board of directors even though you’re elected from the — I would be elected from the southwest area and certainly Fort Bend County in the southwest Houston area is the area from which I would represent.

Mack:                          Okay.

Jo Ann:                         But, really when you vote, you’re representing the entire membership in the city of Houston.

Mack:                          Okay.

Jo Ann:                         And you know that is the daunting task because they have thirty seven thousand members now. And as we grow, a lot of positives, but certainly a lot of challenges that come with growth as well.

Mack:                          So, if – so, when does the voting happen and maybe tell us how somebody could go vote for you?

Jo Ann:                         Sure. The voting actually begins today and it will continue until Monday, August the 6th at 5:00.

Mack:                          Okay.

Jo Ann:                         So, sometime during that period everybody that is a member of HAR has the opportunity to vote online. And then, they will capture that vote, they will make their results public probably the evening or the next morning.

Mack:                          Okay.

Jo Ann:                         And then, we will know who – who won the election. And you know I guess my feeling is certainly I would ask everyone out there to consider voting for me.

Mack:                          Vote for Jo Ann.

Jo Ann:                         My profile is actually online and so you can see what experience and – and knowledge that I do bring to the table. But, I just think it’s important for every member to vote regardless of who you’re voting for just please exercise your right and get out there and vote, so.

Mack:                          So, I’ll put your profile in the show notes here.

Jo Ann:                         Okay. Great.

Mack:                          Any recommendations that you might share with us specific to what you’ve learned at Inman news for maybe individual broker or individual real estate agents that they might be wanting to look forward to with regards to how business is likely to transition with these platforms?

Jo Ann:                         Well, I think the consensus at Inman was, again, that all of these different platforms that are coming forward, they each offer a unique proposition if you will. And that for us as realtors we have to sort of examine that and see if that will fit into our process that we currently have or maybe we need to change our processes to become more efficient.

Mack:                          Okay.

Jo Ann:                         And they – and I – but I do think that the message at Inman was more collaboration.

Mack:                          Okay.

Jo Ann:                         Than it was competition and so, we’ll see how that works.

Mack:                          You know one of the things that all three of these platforms have in common is the direct buy, right? And – and what that means is that, you know, they’ll come into your house and – and they’ll offer you a price and they’ll give you a certain number of days to close and that takes out a lot of stress.

Jo Ann:                         It does.

Mack:                          Related to…

Jo Ann:                         It does.

Mack:                          Related to the process of, you know, selling and buying and the timing associated with that and it saves a lot of time as well. Are – has the real estate community come up with any potential solutions to solve that because what I understand Zillow obviously has plenty of funding, Offerpad was – raised a $150 million worth of private equity. Are there any solutions on the horizon for the brokers to offer that same kind of option for their real estate agents?

Jo Ann:                         Well, I think we all feel that there would be a certain segment of the market that would be interested in that. It is appealing as you mentioned that you don’t have to go through the market time, the showing of the property, living in a fishbowl as we say because you’re keeping your house neat and tidy for everybody to walk in at any minute.


Mack:                          Yeah.

Jo Ann:                         So, I do think there are some people who will gravitate to that, but I do think on the other side of the coin, the price that you’re going to be offered is not going to be what we would consider fair market value, it will be somewhat less.

And, there are some people who would be willing to take less, but as you probably realize and the other realtors that are in the audience so often are sellers have the opinion of their value is increase or in their minds it’s more than actually what it should sell for. So, I think that in itself will eliminate a number of people in that category if you will.

Mack:                          Okay. Okay. Anything you’d like to share with the audience in closing? I know you mentioned something while we were having breakfast specific I think to the association.

Jo Ann:                         Yes. Actually, I want to shout out to Houston Association of Realtors as they did win an award at Inman. And so, I want to congratulate Bob Hale and all the staff there on that award. And, again, it’s just kind of an example of the leadership that HAR has around the country.

Mack:                          You know I got to believe that because you know in many markets and Zillow is number one, but not this one.

Jo Ann:                         But not in Houston. You’re right.

Mack:                          Not in Houston, so…

Jo Ann:                         You’re right.

Mack:                          That has a lot – that says a lot about…

Jo Ann:                         It does.

Mack:                          The efforts by Bob Hale and his team. And you know when I had a buyer from Arlington this weekend and I went to HAR, found the house. I found all the same information just in one spot.

Jo Ann:                         Yeah.

Mack:                          So, I mean technologically we – we – we – HAR is just much easier to use than most any other association of realtors like I won’t say any, but…

Jo Ann:                         [Laughs]

Mack:                          But I’ve used several in other cities.

Jo Ann:                         Right.

Mack:                          And it’s just like, golly, the information is just not readily available.

Jo Ann:                         Yeah. It’s great. I mean we are way ahead of most associations around the country. And then, the other member benefits that we have through the association are just so much more than most.

Mack:                          I got to believe that, you know, with these other platforms coming out that HAR has got to be looking at how can we collaborate with these folks.

Jo Ann:                         Well, we’re not going to let them take over certainly. [Laughs]

Mack:                          I would think not. And I would think that that the association of realtors because I know that because you – you’ve been a part of the political action committees and you – the industry has one of the biggest political action committees in the entire country.

Jo Ann:                         Yes, we do.

Mack:                          And I’ve got to think that that is a lot of power that you could wheeled in a situation where it was necessary for you to maybe not force collaboration.

Jo Ann:                         Right.

Mack:                          But, certainly use some leverage, don’t you think?

Jo Ann:                         [Laughs] Probably so. Yes. Yes.

Mack:                          I got to agree. So, well, I appreciate you being here.

Jo Ann:                         Thank you.

MACK                          Thank you everyone for being here. Thank you, Frank – Frank. Thank you, Marty. And so, Mortgage Mack out and I will post your profile?

Jo Ann:                         Okay.

Mack:                          Okay?

Jo Ann:                         Wonderful. Thank you so much.

Mack:                          And I’d love if – I’m going to post this on TeamMortgageMack.com as well. And, please go vote, the voting starts today.

Jo Ann:                         Correct. Today on HAR.com.

Mack:                          And, I’ll post the link for HAR as well, so if you’re out there and you want to go vote, you can do so.

[Applause]                   Have a good day everyone.

Jo Ann:                         Bye.



[0:13:54]                      End of Audio



Top 50 in the Nation, Ambit Energy Consultant and Entrepreneur, Doug Parker – Episode #6

Top 50 in the Nation, Ambit Energy Consultant and Entrepreneur, Doug Parker – Episode #6

Doug Parker in in the top 50 nationally of more than 450,000 Ambit Energy Consultants.  Doug is a Father, Husband, Entrepreneur and Founder of http://www.repairmycreditnow.com/.

“Help Enough Other People Get What They Want In Life and You’ll Always Get What You”, Want, Zig Ziglar

Doug is one of the most driven people I’ve ever met and it is clear that he subscribes to the quote made famous by Zig Ziglar.

I hope you enjoy this interview and please tune in next week at 8:30 a.m. @mortgagemack on Facebook.

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MortgageMack Live – Episode #5 with Bubble Talk Host, Toni Rodriguez

MortgageMack Live – Episode #5 with Bubble Talk Host, Toni Rodriguez

Lots of fun and energy with Bubble Talk Host, Toni Rodriquez!  Toni is a Mom/Entrepreneur/Athlete/Realtor and Dance Instructor.  She gave me time out of her schedule to talk about her role in all areas.

You’re going to love this interview!



Portfolio Loans

Portfolio Loans – Episode #4 MortgageMack Live – Outside the Box Home Loans

Do you have “Outside the Box Clients?” If so, we offer “Outside the Box Loans!”….Fix and Flip, Doctor Loans, Bank Statement Loans with make sense Underwriting.

Outside the Box Home Loans

In Episode #4 of MortgageMack Live, my Special Guest, Phillip Morris discusses the details of the OneTrust Home Loans Portfolio Programs to help buyers who do not fit into the traditional methods of financing.  The list options offered by OneTrust Home Loans are:

  • Doctor/Attorney Loan
  • Bank Statement Loan
  • Fix and Flip Loan
  • Construction for both sticks and bricks and modular
  • In-house second mortgage
  • Bridge loan
  • Land loan
  • Foreign Nationals

Don’t miss next week’s episode at 8:30 a.m. for MortgageMack Live.

Thank you sponsors:

MacKnight Saftey Solutions

Amvet Inspections

Spoken About

Episode #3 – How LinkedIn Can Change Your Business

Episode #3 – How LinkedIn Can Change Your Business

In today’s episode, Freddy Goerges tells his story of jalapenos to LinkedIn Influencer and how you can use LinkedIn as a lead generation tool in your business.

Episode #3 - How LinkedIn Can Change Your Business
Freddy Goerges, Winner of the Jalapeno Eating Contest

Freddy and I met on LinkedIn.  Upon our meeting I knew I needed to bring his knowledge and experience of LinkedIn to the real estate community.  Freddy has helped me build an audience of Realtors and builders beyond what I could have ever imagined.

LinkedIn Can Change Your Business

Episode #3 - How LinkedIn Can Change Your Business

With over 30,000 followers on LinkedIn, Freddy has proven that building a network is crucial to success in today’s social media business world.

Freddy can help you build an audience on LinkedIn that can become a social network of 100’s if not 1000’s along with his Public and Keynote Speaking skills, I know from personal experience that Freddy can help you build your brand and generate leads using LinkedIn.

Click here for a FREE gift from Freddy:  Freddy Goerges, LinkedIn Influencer

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