Hard Money Loans – Episode #29

If you’ve ever wanted to be an real estate investor or are currently a real estate investor in need of purchase or construction financing for residential or commercial property, then tune in to today’s broadcast with, Hard Money Allen!

Hard Money Loans – Based on Collateral

  • No income or credit required
  • Must provide photo ID to Title Company
  • 30% down payment…lower down payments available on case by case.
  • Call for rates
  • 20 year amortization
  • Must renew every 12 months
  • Lender and title fees provided upon request
  • Must close with approved title company
  • Borrower to pay appraisal fee at loan application; $450 – May be higher depending on the size and nature of the property
  • No prepayment penalty
Hard Money Allen
Hard Money Loans for purchase or new construction for residential or commercial – contact Allen Harry at 936-777-3917
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