Espisode #1 – MortgageMack Live with Darrel Creacy

Episode #1 MortgageMack Live with Darrel Creacy

Darrel shares his journey in the Coast Guard, working his way up to rescue pilot to becoming an Entrepreneur, father, husband and author of two books.

Having been friends for nearly 15 years, Darrel was the perfect guest.  Darrel has always expressed loyalty and friendship not to mention that Darrel seems to know how to fix anything.

Do Corvette Engines Fit Into the Body of a Ford 150?

During our friendship, I’ve watched Darrel labor over an old beat up F150 with the intent of installing a Corvette engine.  I would question him regularly and say….”Hey!”, “Should a Corvette engine every be put into a F150!?”  Darrel paid no mind and eventually was successful, but not without constant maintenance.  LOL!

Darrel is so knowledgeable about his industry that I would have no problems referring him to a buyer or Realtor.

Espisode #1 – MortgageMack Live with Darrel Creacy
Darrel Creacy, Owner and Operator of Amvet Inspections, Entrepreneur and ex-LifeFlight and Coast Guard Pilot

Darrel is Father and mentor.  His son Derek who used to run marathons with my family is now mentoring to be an inspector just like is father.

If you need a realiable, knowlegdable and friendly inspector, reach Darrel at:  Amvet Inpsections.

Thanks for tuning in.  See you next week at 830 a.m. for MortgageMack Live – Monday Morning Commute