Marketing Your Real Estate Business with Facebook

Randall Smith, CE Instructor #4887 – CE Course #34991

Real Estate Broker, Randall Smith talks about his success using Facebook Ads in his personal Real Estate business and has taken his experience and knowledge and created a CE course for local agents.

Felons Who Flip Houses – Episode #8 MortgageMack Live

Felons Who Flip Houses – Episode #8 MortgageMack Live

Bernard and Bryan Theriot are on a mission to inspire and help others learn to flip houses

Their story reads like a Hollywood movie: growing up poor, but motivated to rise above it all, Bernard worked hard to put himself through University and succeed in business, while his Felons Who Flip HOusesbrother Bryan, also known as the rapper Tow Down, parlayed his musical and songwriting talents into a record deal with a major label. It was the late 1990’s. The music business was still in its halcyon days, and Tow Down was riding high, with a hit song and mounting support from his label. Bernard quit his job in finance and dedicated himself to managing his brother’s career full time. They collected large advances, and built a state of the art studio in their hometown of Houston, Texas, in which they recorded and produced music for local Houston area artists as well as for Tow Down. Life was pretty good.


Felons Who Flip Houses
Rapper, brother accused of growing pot at home 850 plants, worth about $4 million, found in Missouri City

When the music industry crashed in the mid-aughts, they continued to press on independently, but slowly went broke as recording software became consumer-driven and the golden age of the recording studio came to a screeching halt. Without the funds to Felons who Flip Housesreinvest in updated gear, and not having the courage to admit defeat or re-imagine their business plan, they turned to the marijuana trade to sustain the illusion, and did it on a grand scale. Holding on to the last shred of their pride, they tried hard to maintain an image of success and prosperity, but what was fueling their dream was a federal crime that eventually caught up with them.

God and the creative muses have re-channeled their energies to help others learn to flip houses and overcome adversity

Both Bernard and Bryan were facing a potential forty-year sentence, but were lucky enough to get a second shot at life. With deep gratitude and a genuine passion for family, God and the creative muses, they have re-channeled their energies, building a legacy of strength and support so that others might learn from their missteps.

Tow Down – Country Rap Tune

Tow Down – I Use To Know