Triathlon for Kids

Triathlon for Kids

Hi, Mortgage Mack here.

You know, I have a video for you that I hope you’ll find very inspiring. My friend, Brandon Adame, is the #1 all blind triathlete in the United States and he’s ranked 26th I believe worldwide. He is just an exciting young man who does not allow his challenges and disabilities to get in the way of being active.

Triathlon for Kids – April 21 & 22 at NRG Stadium – Houston Texans & NFL Play60

Now, I was asked to be a guide and I’ve been a guide for Brandon years ago when I was younger and faster, but I was asked to guide him at a recent NFL Play60 event at River Oaks Baptist School. The event was a rally to encourage kids to participate in this year’s Kids Triathlon at NRG StadiumGet Ready to be Inspired by and Extraordinary Young Man

So, here’s a video. Hope you enjoy. Hope it inspires you. And if you or someone you know would like to be a guide, please contact me or EyeCan Alliance. Or if you think that you might be inspired to become a donor, we, along with myself and EyeCan Alliance, would be just immensely grateful for your donations. Please contact me if you are interested in that aspect of being involved with this organization that not just helps Brandon, but helps many other athletes. And I will include photos of their most recent endeavor at the Houston Chevron Marathon. Have a great day. Thanks.

Get Ready to be Inspired by and Extraordinary Young Man

Announcer:  Brandon Adame worked hard and he amazingly became one of the greatest athletes in today’s Houston area. Welcome the one and only, Brandon!


Announcer:  The highest ranked totally blind para-triathlete in the United States.

Triathlon for Kids
EyeCan Alliance athletes and their guides at the 2018 Houston Aramco Marathon

Mack:  Brandon, what would you like to tell the boys and the girls here today?

Brandon’s Advice to the Students

Brandon:  I will leave you with 3 points.

Point #1: Listen to your parents, your teachers, and your coaches.

Point #2 is trust your training.

And point #3 is always remember to have fun. Thank you.

Brandon’s Advice to Parents, Faculty and Adults

 Brandon:  I want to leave the adults with 3 points.

Point #1 is I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me (Philippians 4:13).

Point #2 is when you set a goal, you will attract people to you and will help you accomplish your goal.

Point #3 is once you have accomplished the goal that you have set, you will never know who you will inspire to do something greater than they thought they can ever be.

If you or someone you know would be interested in being a corporate donor, guide or just make a donation, EyeCan Alliance and MortgageMack would be very grateful for your support!

Thank you.

Houston Texans Kids Triathlon

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